the specialist in medinilla

Not your average nursery.



As soon as you enter Laguna in Wateringen, you notice immediately that we are not your average nursery. On the Middenzwet, spread over a surface area of 4.5 hectares, we cultivate a houseplant that is grown almost nowhere else in the Netherlands. A houseplant that adds charm to every interior: Medinilla. From breeding to sales, we keep control of the entire process. And we are also a nursery with a surprising assortment of seasonal plants!

ABOUT laguna

the mysterious medinilla 

It is one of the most mysterious houseplants in the world. A plant from the tropics, living on the branches of trees in the rainforest. Its flowers, enveloped by bracts, hang down decoratively. It is the Medinilla, an exclusive houseplant that is at home in Laguna in Wateringen.

The plant is an eyecatcher anywhere.
Are you looking for the one plant that immediately draws your attention? The houseplant with a real tropical appearance that changes form almost every day? That would be a Medinilla. It’s rarity makes it special, its florescence is distinctive. Medinilla is that plant which shines in every interior. A plant that is decorative, a natural piece of decoration!

‘Everyone who sees it wonders what sort of unusual plant this is!’