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more variety in the season with laguna

A changing assortment of greenhouse successes.


our seasonal products

More variety in the season with plants from Laguna. Are you looking for a surprising stimulus for your assortment? Get to know the seasonal products of Laguna. We cultivate them in a separate nursery, in an annually changing composition. The range runs from green plants to flowering ones in cheerful colours. Some are familiar – like violets – and others are more unusual, like Pericallis Senetti. As a producer, we like to make it easy for you: you can order the seasonal plants either by single variety or in mixed packages. We deliver some of the seasonal assortment under the MoreLIPS label, some in a blank sleeve. What could be simpler?


Our Senetti assortment includes the varieties Deep blue, Magenta, Violet bicolor, Pink bicolor and Lavender.

- Available - week 16 through week 22
- Pot size - 15 cm


Our green plant assortment consists of Fatsia, Grevillea, Asparagus, Schefflera, Philodendron and various types of Peperomia.

- Available - week 32 through week 04
- Pot size - 15 cm

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