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How do I care for carnivorous plants?

Carnivorous plants that are well cared for live longer


They are easy plants to maintain

especially with these tips! What is remarkable about carnivorous plant care is that they provide their own nutrition by 'catching' insects and spiders. As a result, the plants survive extremely well in nutrient-poor soil. However, it is essential that carnivorous plants are kept sufficiently moist. And that should be with water that doesn’t come from the tap, as it shouldn’t contain lime. Feel free to put carnivorous plants in a bright spot that gets some sun. Remove old and brown leaves.

How do I 
care for carnivorous plants?

An important tip is to leave the carnivorous plant in peace. If a leaf comes into contact with a finger, the mechanism starts working automatically. However, it takes the plant a great deal of energy to close the leaf, without getting anything in return. If 'tricked' like this too often, it can shorten the plant’s life expectancy.

"'We have a range of carnivorous plants only grown commercially in a few places in the Netherlands"