how to care for brugmansia?

Caring well for a plant means: a longer time to enjoy your purchase.


brugmansia care

Caring well for a plant means: a longer time to enjoy your purchase. And you do not have to be a botanist to know what the right care is. Just follow a few practical tips: that is all that’s needed. At Laguna we are happy to share our knowledge of Brugmansias with you. Did you know: we ask our plants what they would like.

how do i care for a brugmansia?

As a true outdoor plant, I love a spot in your garden, on your balcony or terrace. I can be in the sun, but I also like a bit of shade. What I really appreciate is a little shelter. My flowers and leaves could use some protection against the Dutch wind. Do you have a spot like that? That’s great, then you can enjoy my new flowers until the autumn!

Because I am in a growth spurt phase, I do like water. I would love to have the sun shining down keeping me warm every day. But be careful with watering because wet roots are uncomfortable. Tip: repot me immediately after purchase in a larger pot, then you will not have to water me as  much. In the first few months, add a bit of plant food. Once it is August, my growing period is generally over and I am not as hungry. And I like to spend the winter in a cool, bright place. How cool? Keep it around 8 to 10 degrees and reduce the amount of watering. Until next year in the garden!

‘Give it lots of water and you can enjoy it all summer long’