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Plants from the tropics always have an appealing aspect. It could be their shape, their flowers, their colours. That is exactly what makes the Medinilla different. In its original habitat – South Asia, especially the Philippines - Medinilla stands out because of something else: the plant grows on the branches of trees, as an ‘epiphyte’. Under the leaves, Medinilla is protected from the often unfriendly, burning tropical sun.

In nature, the plant can reach 3 meters high. And the flowers are particularly striking. While other plants are proudly displaying their inflorescences, those of Medinilla hang. The flower cluster of Medinilla is particularly special: it’s the only variety whose vulnerable clusters are protected by bracts. Continuous breeding has made the enthusiastically growing Medinilla a stunning houseplant, which blooms for a long time in European living rooms: up to three months long.

Available in two types of packaging
Laguna supplies Medinilla in two types of packaging: one for the retail and one that is more suitable for selling in garden centres.

Medinilla Magnifica

It is the mother of all Medinillas: the original Medinilla as first discovered in the tropics (by Governor J. de Medinilla of the Mariana Islands, if you want to know precisely). Magnifica is the only Medinilla variety with bracts. The bracts protect the large flowers that make Magnifica so distinctive. Its colour is pastel pink. Laguna supplies Medinilla Magnifica in a 17 cm pot, one, two or even three stages high.

- 2 to 6 flowers - 17 cm - 1-2-3 stages

Medinilla Flamenco

Our own breeding programme produced a separate variety: Medinilla Flamenco. Visually, it’s a real Medinilla with a tropical appearance that differs from Magnifica due to its more intensely coloured flower. The colour tends towards candy cane pink, which is also repeated in the flower stem. The round, upright leaf is a beautiful dark green. This Medinilla variety is also available in a 17 cm pot.

- 2 to 6 flowers - 17 cm - 2 stages

medinilla lambada

A bit smaller, but still recognisable as a Medinilla, is the variety called Lambada. It is also a product of our own breeding programme. It is a type that remains more compact. Just like Flamenco,  Lambada differs from Magnifica due to its cherry red colour. It is available in a 14 cm pot.

- 2 to 5 flowers - 14 cm - 2 stages

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‘Because we also breed Medinilla ourselves, we know everything about its cultivation’