how to care for medinilla?

Caring well for a plant means: a longer time to enjoy your purchase.


medinilla care

Caring well for a plant means: a longer time to enjoy your purchase. And you do not have to be a botanist to know what the right care is. Just follow a few practical tips: that is all that’s needed. At Laguna we are happy to share our knowledge of Medinillas with you. Did you know: we ask our plants what they would like.

how do i care for a medinilla?

Given my tropical origin, I prefer a bright location with daylight, but not in the middle of the room. In the summer, do not put me in direct sunlight; my leaves may burn. In the winter I am less choosy: just put me near a sunny window. I do not get very thirsty. I prefer being a bit dry rather than too wet. And remember: if my flowers and leaves are hanging down and looking wilted, it’s time to give me some water. Misting? Sure, but it’s not essential.

The staff at Laguna have given me enough nutrients for the first few months, if I am sold while flowering. Once the flowers are finished, I like a bit of fertilizer once every two weeks. My favourite food is one specifically for orchids.

I can flower for at least three months. Would you like to enjoy me for longer? Cut out the dying flowers, put me in a bright location that is a bit cold (16 to 18 degrees), and new shoots will appear. When I am not flowering, feel free to repot me if I’m getting too big.

‘Because Medinilla is available in several formats, the plant is interesting for many buyers’