trumpets for flowers: brugmansia

Another speciality of Laguna is Brugmansia.


our brugmansias 

Another speciality of Laguna is Brugmansia. There are just a few growers left in the Netherlands who cultivate this plant, and we are the largest of them. The Dutch name ‘angel’s trumpet’ clearly reveals that it is a plant with very striking flowers: they hang down in the shape of trumpets. It is primarily popular in garden centres, with a peak  of interest for Brugmansia in the spring. And it’s not just the colour, its scent is also striking: it is pleasantly sweet in the evening.


As a true container plant, Brugmansia is meant for the outdoors: garden, terrace or balcony, wherever there is sufficient shelter to keep the leaves and flowers out of the wind. Good care is rewarded by Brugmansia with a wealth of flowers and luxurious growth. It can grow to quite a height!


Product info

- Available - week 18 through week 22
- Pot sizes - 19, 24 and 33 cm
- Colours - pink, white, yellow and orange

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‘In the evening, its sweet scent is delightful’